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Diversity in the workplace matters

I’m so disappointed in Dove. I really am. I buy their products, I’ve been using #Dove for years. I loved the real women campaign. But this….this is unbelievable. Actually it isn’t. This is what happens when you don’t have a diverse marketing team and by diverse I mean black people. I’m sick of people using diverse as a catch phrase to mean, hey look we employ women, or hey look, […]

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Heil Trump, Heil Victory- The Entire World Should Be Scared

It’s done.  As absurd as it sounds, Trump is the president-elect. Right wing radicals joined forces with otherwise descent people, who closed their eyes, held their nose and put a tick beside the name of a man backed by the Ku Klux Klan, an organization responsible for the deaths and lynchings of tens of thousands of black american men, women and children. Trump isn’t the first leader head of state […]

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It’s D-DAY.  Today is the day that changes the course of history. Either America elects it’s first female President, or it elects the most divisive and questionable president ever. I genuinely don’t understand the hate for Hillary Clinton.   She’s like any other politician as far as I am concerned, they all have skeletons, they all do back-room deals, they are all war mongers, they all have something to hide. She […]

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I have to share the goodness that is the wash-day visor. Why didn’t anyone tell me about these before?  Essentially they are plastic visors that sit at the front of your wriggly child’s head and prevents water from falling into their face or eye.  I need one of these. NOW! Washing the little madam’s hair is a real struggle. We attempted a salon style sink wash, with her lying on […]

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