Educating the system. From the N word to advocacy.

Last year an elected school board official in Ontario, Canada, called Charline Grant the N-word. Then that official refused to resign and blamed ‘old age’ and ‘dementia’ for her use of the N-word.  Charline battled the school board until a resignation happened and then she took it upon herself to run for School Trustee.  She’s a trail blazer, who is giving voice to the struggles that Black students and parents face on a daily basis in the education system.  This is her story, it’s my story and it’s the story of the Black experience in education and how we have to educate the system to work for us

Charline Grant
Charline Grant, Mom of 3 and School Board Trustee Candidate 2018

We reference a few reports in this podcast that you should read.

The first is a report by Dr. Carl James called Towards Race in Education.  If you are a teacher, if you are a Black parent, if you are someone interested in education or human rights…read this report.  You can’t read it and not be appalled by what it says and the outcomes for Black students in Toronto, Canada.

Another report to read is the Under Suspicion report, put out by the Ontario Human Rights Commission. It talks about racial profiling in general- but also spends time focusing on racial profiling in Education.

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